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Jane Treat is a storyteller, adventurer and wilderness retreat guide. Her storytelling programs combine traditional tales from many parts of the world with true stories of modern people. She collects, develops, and writes stories based on her years of exploration and learning in places as diverse as the Lacandon Selva in southern Mexico, the rainforest on the South Island of New Zealand, the Great Basin Desert in eastern California and the streets of Washington, DC.

Jane also leads workshops on modern day rites of passage; animal observation and tracking; storytelling, and community building.

She has trained extensively with Steven Foster and Meredith Little at the School of Lost Borders in California, and with Tom Brown at his tracking and wilderness survival school in New Jersey. She has also led groups with noted teacher, author, and anthropologist, Joan Halifax.

Presently, she works for the public school system in Littleton, Colorado.

Professional affiliations include:

  • Board Member of the Rocky Mountain Storytelling Conference
  • Member of National Storytelling Network
  • Member of the Rocky Mountain Storytelling Guild

  • Performance and Workshop Venues have included:

    • Art and Natural History Museums
    • Public and Private Schools
    • Health Departments
    • Community Service Organizations
    • Conferences
    • Hospices
    • Festivals
    • Public Libraries
    • Nature Centers
    • Bookstores
    • Youth Clubs
    • Weddings
    • Synagogues and Churches
    • City Government Organizations

    About her stories:
    “Jane’s stories are wonderfully larger than life…”
                      Karen Howard, Producer,
                     Charlotte’s Web for the Performing Arts, Rockford, IL

    “Some of her best stories are direct recountings of her own adventures,
      many of which have almost mythological overtones.”
                      Jillian Hershberger, Librarian, Takoma Park, MD

    "Jane can listen to a story…and draw therapeutic meaning from it. She can give that meaning back…in such a way as to engender insight, self-discovery, strength, wisdom, even vision."

                    Steven Foster, Meredith Little, Founders
                   School of Lost Borders, Big Pine, CA

     “I liked the combination of traditional stories and real life stories that Jane shared. They helped my students see themselves as storytellers with their own stories to tell.”
                      Teacher, Irene King Elementary School, Romeoville, IL

    "Jane has been our "storyteller of choice" for the Ralph Moody Day celebrations…She shows an extensive knowledge of Ralph Moody's books, Little Britches and Man of the Family. Her stories are accurate, interesting and energetic."
                    Jennie Staritzky, Teacher
                   Ralph Moody Elementary School, Littleton, CO


    About her retreats:
    “Jane is an extraordinary guide whose wisdom, patience, and kindness, bring each person a new and unique understanding of themselves.”
                       Nancy Geha, EdD, President,

                      Redhawk Mountain Consulting, Littleton, CO

    "Her most important teacher has been Nature itself. She has spent untold days and nights alone, pondering her own relationship to nature and the goals and dreams of her life…Much desert dust can be found at the roots of her hair…It is indeed difficult to keep from running over with enthusiasm…She has earned her degrees many times over…doing the work among a myriad of peoples, from professionals to psychotics. She has been field tested."
                     Steven Foster and Meredith Little, Founders
                     The School of Lost Borders, Big Pine, CA






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